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We want to simplify the complexities of warehouse automation, offering scalable and adaptable solutions that empower businesses to succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

Our story

Our story began at the intersection of diverse expertise and a shared vision. With backgrounds steeped in ecommerce, third-party logistics, software development, and system integration, our team embarked on a journey that would redefine warehouse automation.

It all started in Denmark, where we observed a crucial gap in the industry. While warehouse automation thrived among the industry giants, smaller to medium-sized warehouses grappled with solutions that were anything but adaptable. Existing systems posed significant challenges in scalability, relocation, and the sheer complexity of implementation.

Fueled by the desire to address these pain points, we delved into the realm of innovation. Inspiration struck unexpectedly – it came in the form of a sliding puzzle. This seemingly simple yet profoundly intricate game ignited our creativity and sparked the genesis of our breakthrough solution.

Drawing from the concept of the sliding puzzle, we envisioned a warehouse automation system that mirrored its adaptability and modularity. The result? A fully scalable, effortlessly configurable, and modular system designed specifically for smaller and medium-sized warehouses.

Our dream took shape – a world where warehouse automation could be akin to a plug-and-play experience. Countless hours of dedication, creativity, and relentless problem-solving culminated in a solution that simplifies the once-daunting prospect of automation.

Today, we stand proud, confident that our innovation has achieved the impossible. We’ve transformed the landscape of warehouse automation, making it accessible, seamless, and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Join us as we continue to revolutionize the industry, one modular solution at a time.

At Kasparium, we’re more than just an automation company; we’re a collective of dreamers and doers, united by the belief that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. And as we look to the horizon, we continue to build the future of warehousing, one innovative solution at a time.

Our Team

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Tommy A Bjørbæk

Meet Tommy, the ingenious mind behind Kasparium. His journey started uniquely, bootstrapping an ecommerce-specialized 3PL enterprise that grew into a resounding success. Throughout the span of five transformative years, Tommy navigated multiple business relocations, reflecting on the challenges that each move posed. Tommy pondered the kind of warehouse automation that could have seamlessly adapted to his dynamic business needs. This gave birth to the initial conceptualization of what would evolve into Kasparium. PS: Tommy used to be a client of Morten's when needing a new integration to welcome new client in his 3PL business. That is how they got to know each other.

Morten Bitsch

CEO & Founder
With over a decade of expertise in heading a web-bureau and pioneering integrations in warehouse automation, eCommerce and ERP, Morten stands as a seasoned tech maven within our team. He brings a unique blend of technical skills and strategic insight to the table. His knack for deciphering intricate client needs and translating them into clear, actionable directives for our development teams is unparalleled. He is also a visionary leader who aligns technology with business objectives, ensuring our solutions are not just functional but also deeply impactful for our clients.

Mathias Madsen

Mechanical Engineer
Mathias is our Mechanical Engineer whose expertise spans the skies of helicopter engineering and the intricate world of mechatronics. With a robust background as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer in the Danish Army, certified to work on military turbine-driven helicopters, Mathias brings a blend of precision, mechanical finesse, and the wizardry of mechatronics to the table. Seamlessly merging mechanical engineering with cutting-edge electronic and computer technologies, Mathias demonstrates an exceptional ability to engineer solutions that go beyond conventional limitations.

The values that drive everything we do


Striving for simplicity in design and implementation, making automation accessible and easy to integrate, manage, and scale.


Constantly seeking innovative approaches to simplify and improve warehouse automation, fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking.


Ensuring consistent quality and reliability in products and services, building trust and confidence with customers and partners.


Integrating sustainable practices into solutions, promoting energy efficiency, reduced waste, and environmentally conscious approaches to automation.

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